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Easy Camouflage your Carp Lead

Nov 18 Blog ,Carp ,Carp Tips Comments

Many people would probably say carp ain’t smart. But when you compare carp with roach or bream you must admit it is much harder catching carp than a roach or bream. I don’t underestimate the carp I target especially not the bigger once. The bigger they are the more suspicious they are and I’m sure they are aware of the fact us anglers are trying to lure them in to an easy bite. Knowing this, changing the game might bring some surprises.


Observation can learn you a lot about carp behaviour. From the many hours I’ve watched carp I have seen many things that I wouldn’t have expected if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. For instance, if a group of carp come upon your bait they aren’t eating the same way all of them. And there are always one or two watchdogs trying to get the rest off eating the freebies. Which means there must be something they don’t trust. Is it our rig? Our bait? Our main line being seen? We will never know. But one thing is for sure; carp can see and sense more than we think. That being said brings me to the use of camouflage. Camouflaged rig? Yes possible! But I’m thinking about the lead! The lead is about the biggest thing in our end game! And in many cases it even shines a bit. Wouldn’t it be easier if our lead would look like a stone or like a piece of weed?

Sand covered lead we all have seen by now, but lead looking like a piece of weed we don’t see that often. It is very easy to make yourself when you are in need of a stealth carp operation.


I always carry with me a roll of fake weed covered leadcore. And all I do is wrap some of it a few times around my lead and I’m done! And it has been very effective for me! Try it out yourself when you are angling a water where the fish are hard to target and I’m pretty sure you will succeed.


Good Luck,

Ed Skillz