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Winter Carp Fishing December 2015

This December Roy Vanstreels and I decided to make a short video about winter fishing for carp. Lucky for us we did catch a carp in front of the camera and thank to the film and editing skills of Roy we ended up with a short epic winter fishing video in an urban situation. Carp fishing

The Hunt For Carp part 6

Carp fishing isn’t only about catching carp. There is so much more to see when you are out there in nature pursuing your dreams. Nature itself shows us magical moments over and over again. Catching the carp itself is part of the adventure and mainly why we went out there in the first place.But don’t forget

New Carp Angling DVD Coming Out Soon

Just a few more weeks before the release of the Avid Carp DVD, that I have been working on the whole year. I started filming early January and I’m still shooting the last footage I need to cover one whole year of carp angling. The last couple of weeks I started working on the trailer.

The Monday Morning Common

I never go fishing without my tripod. Because self-takes without one are very hard. When I left home my mind was full of hectic thoughts leaving no room for a check-list. It was until I caught this stunning autumn common when I realized I had forgotten the second most important thing of my photography gear.

Easy Camouflage your Carp Lead

Many people would probably say carp ain’t smart. But when you compare carp with roach or bream you must admit it is much harder catching carp than a roach or bream. I don’t underestimate the carp I target especially not the bigger once. The bigger they are the more suspicious they are and I’m sure

The Hunt For Carp 5

There is something magical about carp angling in autumn. The sent of the leaves in the forrest, the beautiful tone of the carp caught in ice cold water, the stormy days….It al makes it special. In my latest video I take you on a few of my adventures in Autumn. Enjoy!

Jarig zijn en Duiken voor Karpers

Allereerst wil ik iedereen bedanken voor de verjaardags wensen die ik langs diverse wegen ontving. Ik doe het maar even zo, want alle berichten beantwoorden kon wel eens wat lang gaan duren. Elke verjaardag is weer een soort van realiteits shock. Er van uitgaande dat de gemiddelde man zo rond de 80 wordt, zou ik nog

Review Fox Carp Master Deluxe

Vis veiligheid  houdt niet alleen in dat je vist met een veilig systeem, de onthakingsmat is ook van groot belang. De Fox Carp Master Deluxe heeft een dikke foam laag waar de vis goed op ligt. De hoge opstaande randen zijn ook gevuld met foam en maken van de mat een stevig geheel. De ene

Pen vissen op Karper in de vroege Ochtend

Het is even na 6 uur als ik de opkomende zon tegemoet rijd. We hebben dit jaar nog niet veel dagen gehad waarbij de zon ‘s morgens vroeg al zo sterk was dat het bijna onmogelijk is om zonder zonnebril de weg te volgen. Het valt me ook met zonnebril zwaar de weg te volgen.

Trailer Fishing for Big Dutch Carp with Ed Skillz and Leon Bartropp

The official Trailer Fishing for Big Dutch Carp with Ed Skillz and Leon Bartropp I invited my mate Leon Bartropp to come over from the UK and fish one of the most beautiful lakes in Holland. Fishing for big Dutch carp and sharing the passion for angling. We had an unbelievable trip with massive big