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New Carp Angling DVD Coming Out Soon

Just a few more weeks before the release of the Avid Carp DVD, that I have been working on the whole year. I started filming early January and I’m still shooting the last footage I need to cover one whole year of carp angling. The last couple of weeks I started working on the trailer.

Easy Camouflage your Carp Lead

Many people would probably say carp ain’t smart. But when you compare carp with roach or bream you must admit it is much harder catching carp than a roach or bream. I don’t underestimate the carp I target especially not the bigger once. The bigger they are the more suspicious they are and I’m sure


In my latest video “Who the fuck is Ed Skillz” I take you on a autumn boat trip with my CARP 530. This is my way of fishing. Boat Fishing for carp. Searching for holding areas and catch them where they feel save. Fishing from a boat is a completely different approach of carp angling.

Bootvissen op karper

Het is 02.00 uur snachts als ik besluit om te gaan vissen in plaats van mijn bed op te zoeken. Al een paar dagen maken de windstoten en gezakte barometerstand mij rusteloos. De zuidwesten wind is voor mij de beste windrichting om op karper te vissen en trek het niet langer en moet er op.