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Winter Carp Fishing December 2015

This December Roy Vanstreels and I decided to make a short video about winter fishing for carp. Lucky for us we did catch a carp in front of the camera and thank to the film and editing skills of Roy we ended up with a short epic winter fishing video in an urban situation. Carp fishing

The Hunt For Carp part 6

Carp fishing isn’t only about catching carp. There is so much more to see when you are out there in nature pursuing your dreams. Nature itself shows us magical moments over and over again. Catching the carp itself is part of the adventure and mainly why we went out there in the first place.But don’t forget

New Carp Angling DVD Coming Out Soon

Just a few more weeks before the release of the Avid Carp DVD, that I have been working on the whole year. I started filming early January and I’m still shooting the last footage I need to cover one whole year of carp angling. The last couple of weeks I started working on the trailer.

Video High Speed Tattoo Sleeve Session

It has been a while since I have been posting on my personal website. I need to do that more! Unfortunately a day has still only 24 hours in it and that isn’t enough for all the things I want and need to do. Ok enough for now! When I started out this page I said

The Hunt For Carp 5

There is something magical about carp angling in autumn. The sent of the leaves in the forrest, the beautiful tone of the carp caught in ice cold water, the stormy days….It al makes it special. In my latest video I take you on a few of my adventures in Autumn. Enjoy!

Trailer Fishing for Big Dutch Carp with Ed Skillz and Leon Bartropp

The official Trailer Fishing for Big Dutch Carp with Ed Skillz and Leon Bartropp I invited my mate Leon Bartropp to come over from the UK and fish one of the most beautiful lakes in Holland. Fishing for big Dutch carp and sharing the passion for angling. We had an unbelievable trip with massive big

Video Carp Fishing with Ed Skillz

In part 1 one of carp fishing with Ed Skillz I take you on a day fishing! Showing you how I fish a water full of weed. Showing you how to be productive fishing in the weed. This day brought a few lovely fish on the bank. In deel 1 van karper vissen met Ed

Video Ed Skillz Short Stalking Session For Carp

Sometimes you just can’t get the time to do a long session. Travelling light and fishing instant short sessions can be very productive and fun. In the next video I went fishing for one hour and caught a beautiful common. It wasn’t the biggest one but I enjoyed every minute of the drill. I used

Video Ed Skillz – For the Love of Nature part 1

I went on a trip. A journey through nature. This time without my rods and only carrying my camera gear. As the Hunt for Carp….For the Love of Nature will be a serie of videos in which I will try to share my passion for nature. In the first part I wil take you on

Ed Skillz Goes Navitas

By now it is almost impossible that you have missed that there is a new clothing company on the market. The appearance and style stick of this great clothing brand stand out from the rest and the looks of it are wicked. Mark Munson, former co-owner of Diem, has launched his new brand Navitas. Have