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The Hunt For Carp part 6

Apr 17 Blog ,Video Comments

Carp fishing isn’t only about catching carp. There is so much more to see when you are out there in nature pursuing your dreams. Nature itself shows us magical moments over and over again.¬†Catching the carp itself is part of the adventure and mainly why we went out there in the first place.hunt-for-carp-6-ed-skillzBut don’t forget to enjoy the path that leads to it and not only your destination. To catch carp one must understand the behavior of carp and the water they live in. To do so, observing takes me often more time to understand than the actual fishing itself. Life itself isn’t about the destination, but all about the path that leads to it. I try to enjoy every second of it, which is something I had to learn.

hunt-for-carp-part-6-ed-skillzIn my serie of The Hunt For Carp videos I’m showing you a piece of my adventures. Trying to take you on a journey while watching it. After more than a year it is about time for The Hunt For Carp part 6. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!